Why do we get demotivated? (Genuine practical reasons & Solutions)

Why do we get demotivated? (Genuine practical reasons & Solutions)
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We all have happy days, money days, honey days as well as sad and gloomy days. Of course, life is never the same everyday sometimes we get demotivated too but Why do we get demotivated, have we ever tried to figure this out? Well, I am going to discuss some reasons here, I hope we could all relate to it one way or the other…

We have been doing something with a keen interest but certainly, we feel we do not gel well with that and we feel like quitting it-  We are demotivated!!

I always wondered why do people get demotivated, here I came to understand the reasons behind it with a small research on why does a person gets demotivated? This post is about a few of those reasons that cause us to get demotivated.

Motivation is the desires and drives that an individual possesses within himself. It is the psychological factor stimulating his behavior towards the accomplishment of the desired goal as well as the reward factors, i.e. the money, praise, awards, appreciation, etc.

 “Motivation is what a person feels while his/her dreams are not fulfilled”

– Wagner Lipnharski (Human behavior and psychology observer)

Motivation is like the feeling that we feel whenever we get ready for our first date with that feeling of impressing our date we tend to make plans for the best dress to wear, we search for the cozy, comfortable and best restaurants in the town, we tend to spend most of our time in front of the mirror making an effort to look good & feel good in order to impress him/her.

Just imagine how pure and lovely that feels when you deeply desire to impress your cherished person. You will do everything you could to make sure that he/she finds you likable. You will plan the date multiple times in your head so as to make it a perfect one, that feeling my friend is the purest definition of Motivation.

DEMOTIVATION, on the contrary, is the lack of interest and enthusiasm towards those dreams. It is lacking the desire to succeed at something.

So why do we get demotivated, what are the factors that cause demotivation?

Here are some of the immediate reasons for any of us to get demotivated.

  1. Fear & Pessimisticism

  2. Lack of goal

  3. Missing Opportunities

  4. Not believing in self-ability

1.  Fear & Pessimisticism:

  • Unmotivated people usually have a pessimistic view in whatever they do or whatever and whomever they talk to.
  • We could always see them focusing on the negative sides of everything.
  • They always live their life on the peripheries of No, Can’t, Don’t, Never, etc.
  • Unmotivated people only keep dwelling on the problems.
  • They live in the imaginary life and have a terribly pessimistic view on their chance of success for the same.

         What to do?

  • First be honest with yourself- accept that you have become pessimistic and then honestly promise yourself that you want to change this habit of yours.
  • Let go of the fear of “what may happen if..”, “what will people think of me if..” and alike wh-questions.
  • Yes, it is not an easy task but try to focus on the impact of the abundance of the positivity in your everyday life.
  • And challenge that lie ahead- be hopeful.

As soon as fear approaches you, attack it & destroy it 

                                            – Chanakya (one of the most eminent scholars of ancient India)

2. Lack of Goal:

  • An unmotivated person lives his life the way it is. He does not take initiative to improve it or doesn’t give much effort to improve even if he tries to – He doesn’t have a GOAL.
  • He only lives in his dreams – Dreams can never become reality unless you have a goal to achieve it.

         What to do?

  • Build a staircase of your dream: when you want to go to the upper floor of your house what do you do, you climb the staircase one step after another until you reach upstairs. You cannot be on the upper floors instantly unless you are a Superman or Spiderman or you have some divine power to teleport.
  • Be clear on what your dream is- find out what do you need to do to achieve it- analyze them and make a plan and finally break down the whole flight of the staircase of your dreams into smaller tread & riser then climb on it one by one.

People with goals succeed because they know where  they are going.

                                  – Earl Nightingale

3. Missing Opportunities:

“I never get an opportunity”, “My luck is yet to come”, “It is his fault that I got into this trouble”.

  • It is always somebody’s else fault or bad luck if you could have noticed for a demotivated person. But the truth is they never seek those opportunities that could bring them success and happiness.
  • They are lazy.
  • The demotivated person is unwilling to work harder.
  • They neglect the fact that the opportunities are there just waiting to be taken.

What to do?

  • Understand that the opportunities are not given to you on a silver plate.
  • You have to be willing to put your efforts to grab that opportunity.
  • Recognize what you did or what you didn’t do that way it will be easier for you to make an analysis of how you missed the opportunity.
  • Prepare yourself to attract the better opportunity.

“Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls looks like work.”

– Thomas A. Edison

4. Not believing in self-ability:

  • Unmotivated people have the tendency to think of themselves as inferior to others.
  • They not only doubt on themselves but they also have a doubt of other’s abilities.
  • They only think of the creativity and the talent they lack shutting themselves off in their own imaginary world and that’s when the demotivation borns.
  • Unmotivated people do not try to find out the answers to why do we get demotivated.

What to do?

  • Believe in yourself.
  • Concentrate on the actual skills & talents that you have.
  • Lacking confidence is the prime factor for developing doubt on oneself, practice developing confidence.
  • Do not dwell on the pessimistic thoughts they drag you to the whirlwind of destruction.
  • Believe in your talents and the skills that you have and always keep this in mind that nobody is perfect in this world.

“Believe in yourself and the rest will fall into place. Have faith in your abilities, work hard and there is nothing you cannot accomplish.”

     – Brad Henry


Life is beautiful my friends, should we give shelter to fear & negativities or should we enjoy the abundance of love, friendship, happiness, and fulfillment? I will leave this for you to decide…

Why do we get demotivated –  look within yourself and find the answers…

Once you decide on the better life let us together find the reasons to always be motivated.

I wish for your happiness always!!


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