Which family is not affected by any kind of downfall?

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Which family is not affected by any kind downfall? Who is there that has not suffered from any kind of illness?

Who in the world has not suffered from any kind of pain or hardship or sorrow? Does a person always and every day remain happy throughout his life?

Your character & behavior portraits how your family and your upbringing is. Your speech talks about the country you were born. Your generosity & respect shows the love and your body defines how your food habit or your appetite is.

It is reasonable to punish or trouble your enemy and counsel & advice to your friends.

If you have to choose between a rogue and a snake, then choose the snake because snakes bite only once, but the rogue bites you in every step you take.

If we could recall any history of any king or the emperor, then did you ever thought why do the kings always collected noble persons and keep them with dignity? Because those people always remain loyal to the king be it at the struggling times or normal times or during the struggle & hardships. They would never betray the king and leave.

It is better to keep a distance from the foolish. Because although he is a human, but with his words, he will always poke you as a needle does to a blind.

The grace of the Cuckoo is in its voice, the grace of a girl is fidelity to her man. The ugly has his grace over his brain and the acetic keeps his grace over the forgiveness.


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