What Does Love Mean To You

What Is Love
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What is Love to you?

Is it a Feeling? A Passion? An Attraction, Caring, Attachment, Addiction… What is LOVE?

The word “love” is very dynamic as it can have a variety of related but distinct meanings in different contexts hence, I believe there is no precise definition of what love actually is.

One cannot be satisfied with what others define the love is.


So here I am trying to give my analysis of what love is the way I have found it to be…

Is it only a word for you or is it something which is so intense that when it comes to your life every second of it is so amazing & beautiful and you do not fear about anything or anybody??

You might not disagree with me when I tell you that love is

  • something with which you are ready to do anything for somebody without any limits.
  • love is not having a desire to leave what/ who you are with.
  • it is something that you are committed to and are passionate about and which doesn’t change with the feelings.
  • love is that thing which motivates us to improve & change ourselves.
  • deep attachment to something or somebody is love.
  • love is a source of happiness, the happiness of somebody makes you even happier.

Furthermore, what is love?

  • love is an addiction.
  • it is the care, compassion & belongingness.
  • love is the sensational feeling you get for somebody.
  • it is the thoughts that trigger excitement into our heart & mind.
  • love is a pleasure and the butterflies you feel in your stomach for something or somebody.
  • anticipation is love or
  • the sense of fulfillment is love.


Let us not dig down to the definition of love given by Shakespeare or  Aristotle.

Let’s not believe what the ancient Greek assumes love to be. Let us not tell the songwriters to define it for you because it means so many different things to different people.

So how do you define something so versatile and uncontrollable?


Do not let the words of others define YOUR LOVE. 


All of us have a desire for a sweet relationship. We often dwell into the thoughts of a nice beautiful girl or a handsome hunk coming into our lives.

Now, what is a relationship then?

You see love and relationship is two different things.

But we get confused between love and relationship and go on believing that the relationship is love.

We feel that we are in a relationship with somebody and this is love. The exchange of expressions based on emotions, compassion, affection, and kindness in a relationship makes us believe that it is love.


You might be in a relationship with somebody for your whole life but there may not be love.


Actually, if I see myself in her eyes and see her within mine, then I call it love. Because where there is love there is no separation in between.

Whenever there are I and YOU in a relationship, then there is no love. This is only a Relationship for some time until their desires are fulfilled.

And here I’m not talking about only the physical attraction, but much more on the whole.

Love should be like a river, flowing in its uniform path without having to put the effort to flow.

“If you have to put an effort to impress, an effort to care, an effort to show emotions… if you have to try and put effort into your relationship, then there is no love.”

Because there is always a possibility of separation.

If there is a probability of separation, then that is not love rather I would call it a Sensation.


It takes a lifetime to understand the depth of love.

Love means to get along in such a way that there is no place for a word like separation.


If you just become love and not love the worldly existence of love for somebody, then you will know the true nature of love.

If you only love the physical existence of somebody. If you have to try and understand their needs and desires. Or if you have to keep thinking as to how to give and get love. Or that you only have a desire to live together, then there is no love.


When there is expectation then there is heartache because no human being will happen a hundred percent the way you want them to be.


So whoever you think you are in love is going to disappoint you. Not because they will do something wrong but because nobody can fulfill the unrealistic expectations that you have of them.

Ask yourself if you had been able to fulfill anybody’s expectations-

To some extent you had but not entirely, did you?

So if you haven’t been able to fulfill anybody’s expectations, then will somebody be able to fulfill all your expectations so that you would call it love or true love or divine love or whatever…


You know what I really feel is that,

If you can be with that person for hours and hours without any expectation and still feel good and happy in his/her company. And if his/her thoughts still give you butterflies whenever he/she is not with you then that surely is LOVE 🙂


It is not necessarily that you will find these logics to be suitable for you at this time. And I’m not against the physical, emotional or psychological aspects of love or being in love.

But because love at this moment might be an action for you, love can be an attraction or attachment for you, it can be a passion or sexual cravings.

Love may be a feeling of missing somebody for you at this moment, it might be a commitment for you. Love might be sad, angry, confused or excited, it can be anything for you at this moment right now.

Depending upon the time and situation the definition of love may change for you. But all these things are important only in certain aspects.

These things are only important at the moment that they are actually important, nothing less than that and nothing more than that.


If we are thirsty we drink water and that’s it- no more. We do not keep drinking the water for 24 hours, do we?


Love doesn’t mean desperation for something, rather it is the essence of patience and calmness…

But in the meantime, love is madness – madness in the sense that those beautiful feelings are not in control of your mind.

It is in control of the air that you breathe, it is in the control of the sun that shines beyond the horizon. It is in control of the clouds, the rain, nature.

What I mean is that a normal person cannot understand what actually is love. But those who pretend to know what love is, they are fake.


They believe in showing off. They are something on the inside but show off as something else to the outer world. And this awareness or cunningness is what comes in between the actual feelings of love.

Because when you can think that she is very beautiful or he is very hot then it will not take you long to think of her as ugly or him as creepy.

One minute she is beautiful and the next she is ugly and bad. In a minute the relationship is amazing and the next minute the relationship is over.

This is the trend of love, affair & relationship in this generation. Nobody is satisfied.

There will be multiple substitutes within the first quarter forget about the whole game – one cannot enjoy it.

When you are in love, there should never be “The End” even if you try to end it, it should not end. The love should be today, tomorrow, the next day and another day.


We shall not have to create a fake spark to build the warmth of love.

Let the love itself drive us through the essence of infinity.

we just keep enjoying its beauty and that’s it.


If you are in love, then do not think that you have to be attached or be together with your partner rather try to feel that you are already attached to him/her.

And now there is no need to be separated because you are two different souls with the same heart…

I too believe that nobody can explain what is love for you because it is only you who knows that feeling in your heart. However precisely you can describe those feelings in words, but I believe the feelings of love cannot be described merely in words.

It is your own eyes who seek to see your beloved every time not others. It is only you who desire to have a touch of the love of your life. It, of course, is only you who become happy, sad, angry or broken due to your love affair. So nobody knows better than you do.

So do not let someone explain how your love and the affair is. Or make a decision for you on your happiness or the suffering that you had been experiencing. They do not know what love means to you.


Love is like meditation. When you close your eyes you could experience millions of different things in that darkness. But only when you are focused on one particular thing you are guided to the calmness, blissfulness, and peace. It can only be experienced by you and nobody else.

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