Self Awareness – know yourself first

Self Awareness – know yourself first
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Self-awareness. Well, today in this article I want to talk to you about something which I had been brainstorming for quite some time.

And I have wanted to share this with you as soon as possible.

But it is easy to say, “what people will say!” like there is a saying that the biggest disease is “what the people will say”. It is easy to say this but when it comes to you, it becomes very difficult.

What should we say to that? 


A few days earlier it was drizzling in the evening, and I was heading towards the market for some groceries.

On my way, I saw a man sleeping on the road near the temple on the pavement where even during the early 8 O’clock or the late 10 O’clock at night there is the loud noise of the vehicle passing through the road.


Within the irritating noise of the vehicle, over the cushion of the sack, a man was sleeping peacefully under the open sky and over the drizzle.

Self Awareness - know yourself first

The man seemed healthy. I assumed him to be a rickshaw driver. And I have to tell you that he was not drunk too.

I was pretty sure of it by looking into the scenario of the way he was sleeping.

He had placed a mosquito net over him and he was sleeping peacefully and in order.


Nature is amazing, this is the beauty of nature.

“sleep doesn’t know the broken cot, hunger doesn’t know the spoiled rice, thrust doesn’t care the freshness of water and love & affection doesn’t know the casteism.


Since then I had been having a dilemma. The one who was sleeping on the road was a different topic but now a question arises on the subject –

 there are people who live in luxurious houses but they cannot sleep and he was sleeping on the road.

Self Awareness - know yourself first

In that road over the open sky, he made his bed and chose to sleep –  that was his choice.

All of us have somewhat alike circumstances in our lives.

Please do remember this that when there is grief all around you then you do not need to go to it, the grief will itself come to you.

Self-awareness is the key factor here.

Possibly the man was having a good sleep below the open sky but I am not talking about that today.

What I want to talk about is that when you are walking on the road in a rainy evening and a car passing beside you splash the dirt on you.

Self Awareness - know yourself first

You become angry. If you feel like shouting at that car and the driver, you can do it undoubtedly.

But what I feel is that besides shouting and cursing the driver you should ask yourself whose fault it was. Whether it is the driver’s fault or is it your fault?


In my opinion, it was our fault.

He was driving in the car but why were we walking outside?

Why didn’t we build ourselves such an environment where we too own a car. If we had one then the driver wouldn’t have splashed the dirt on us.


Maybe my thought is different from others.

But I always believe that if a thief steals it was not his fault. Because he did his work, you were not alert & careful and that was your mistake.


I believe that these are different thoughts, but this cannot be true. Some of you might agree with me and some of you don’t.


If you have broken utensils in your home if you have worn out clothes.

Broken utensils and worn out clothes, if you have been compromising on them then do you know what nature thinks of it? –

He has been compromising well with it and he is not in need so it is not necessary to provide him with the new ones.


You have stopped insisting. What kind of insist?

When you were a child whatever toy that you liked, even though your parents were not capable of buying it for you but you desperately insist them on buying it for you.

Self Awareness - know yourself first

At that time maybe the 200 rupees toy that your parents were incapable of buying it for you that 200 rupees would buy vegetables for the whole family for that day.

But you desperately insisted them on buying it for you and finally you got what you needed. But now, what has happened to that persistence in you?


Today it is possible that Suraj Karki is writing this stuff after a good meal sitting in a cozy chair in his office.

And the one reading this too might have a good income of his/her own. Or your parents might have provided you enough so that you have a good internet connection and you are comfortable reading this on the internet.


But these thoughts of mine might not have reached to those who are poor and cannot afford the technological luxuries.

And if luckily they happen to get access to it. Then, at least we can ask them what actually is the reason for this problem and who are responsible for their problem.

Are they willing to blame themselves for it??


If you are poor then you are the one responsible for it. If you have stopped insisting and persisting then start persisting from today onwards.


This nature is like your mother unless you insist on getting what you desire, then she will be compelled to provide it for you.

And if you compromise then she will start focusing on to her other children because you are not the only children of the mother nature.

She has many children.

If you keep insisting then she will provide it for you. But if you stop insisting then she will move on to her other children.

This is the Nature, remember this.


Since I have seen that man sleeping on the road I had been having many thoughts. And I had been analyzing them.

I felt like I should help him. But even after helping him we will not be able to bring him to the right place.

Should I provide him with this knowledge, this will not help him to sustain his life.


Someone had said beautifully that,

“there is a motivator residing inside every one of us” but the problem has to be of others and not your own.


I too believe this that everyone has a motivator residing inside of us, but the problem has to be of others.

Self Awareness - know yourself first

But this topic has to be explored that if anyone is poor like I gave an example earlier.

when you were walking on the road in a rainy evening and a car passing beside you splash the dirt on you.

It is not his fault it is your fault. Self- awareness should be inbuilt.

Because you were not in the car and you didn’t create yourself such circumstances that you own your own car. Otherwise, the dirt wouldn’t have splashed upon you.


Maybe all of us will not agree upon these thoughts of mine. But despite that please do tell me what do you feel about it.

What is your self- awareness? And how do you know this?

We’ll keep brainstorming about it…

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  1. “there is a motivator residing inside every one of us” but the problem has to be of others and not your own.
    Well said!! I like this logic of yours..

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