Love or Lust- The Choice is Yours
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If you have something unique within you then, it is the biggest blessings of nature. This is the creation of nature.

But unique like what?

Like if you’re a guy and you have a beautiful, muscular & an attractive body. Like you have attractive and appealing eyes.

And if you are a girl you have a sensuous body, curvy figure, beautiful hair. And sexy eyes or lips. You really look amazing.

So you have all this uniqueness in you then, congratulations that you have all these qualities within yourself.


Now my question is do you have any role in being attractive and possessing beautiful eyes and attractive body? No.


You may say yes I do, I take care of myself, I workout, I pamper myself blah blah… Sure you do. But do not keep yourself in doubt & confusion because this is provided to you by nature.

And the day when nature loses its desire to shower you with the beauty, you might fall from your bed while sleeping. And get bruises all over your face or your jaw may get dislocated or anything.

Then you’ll lose your beauty.


Next thing- You are very good with guitars or you have a beautiful vocal, you are confident with it.

Do others feel comfortable like you in doing what you do?

Certainly, not everyone because you have been provided this gift by the mother nature, take a note of it. You didn’t create the desire for it.

“Oh, that guy is doing it, I can do it too.” – No, you have been blessed by nature with the ability to feel the music so you have cravings for it.


You are not a trained painter, but you can paint well. You are not a trained dancer, but you can dance better.

Maybe you’re good at sports, maths, physics, literature or anything, this is the contribution of nature in our lives.

So if you could understand what I want to say here is that if you have those unique qualities provided in abundance by nature then people will hover around you.

People get attracted to you rather easily. But the way you keep your intention towards them determines your success or failure.

If you have a desire to get something from somebody, then win their heart and get it. You cannot deceive them with the gift of nature that you have.


It is very difficult to control your desires. It requires a lot of patience. But if you start crushing nature for your desires, then my friends you will not know when your bones weaken and muscle fatigues.

So what I want to say to all the guys and girls issure, you do fulfill your desires, your fantasies, and your sexual cravings I don’t intend to stop you for that.

BUT if you have the guts, then enjoy this by winning somebody’s heart not by breaking somebody’s heart.


I can tell you again and again that DECEPTION is the greatest sin on earth.


I hope you will understand that whoever has been blessed with the unique qualities by nature, please make good use of those qualities, not for bad intentions…

May the warmth and caring touch of love reach the heart of each one of us in this world.

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