How To Know If Study is a burden
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Let’s talk about those who are currently studying in school, college, and higher studies or any forms of studies. If the study is a burden.

Today we’ll talk about why “STUDY” – the easiest work to do, but we do not seem to like it. We are going to discuss this on a practical basis…

What is the education for you and how have you been getting the lessons?

How do you see the education and how do you take it, and how do you understand it?

What is knowledge, is it the symbol of a scholar or the means of income or a medium of enhancing the experience?

What do you think that your education should be? Understand this carefully, it is a precious thing.

You think studying is a burden and somehow let’s get a degree so that you can get a job. Here the education is not limited to only getting knowledge. It is like the steps of a staircase. It is like now you have to go to high school, you have to graduate or engineering or doctor. That means the education for you is a medium.

But it might seem wonderful knowing this, that only those get success in studying who take education and learning as their passion. If you find happiness in studying and when you take it as thoughts of advancement, or you take it as the revolution, then you go way ahead in your education and knowledge. From here the level of education increases and the thoughts about knowledge changes.

Then why you cannot concentrate on your education?

Studying is the easiest task in this earth and we find it harder. Generally, most of us feel studying is difficult. I too felt the same honestly- whoever told me to study, he was my greatest enemy.

But at the same time, there were many kids who didn’t wait for their parents to tell them to study and mine were always guarding me with a stick in their hand. 🙂

Your kid always feels sleepy whenever he/she opens his/her books, why? We need to understand this. And when you are capable of understanding your kid then there will be no trouble.

Do not let your kids go through the same whirlwind of emotions that you felt once when your parents were scolding and shouting at you to study. Let your kid know about the problem and let them realize it, then their mind will not wander around at the time of study then the problem will not remain as it is now.

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