How Can We Enjoy The Struggle of Our Life
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The struggle is life.

Many people are struggling, people have been living with lots of troubles; financial problems, family problems, relationship problems, lack of happiness of children, there are lots of problems; this is the struggle- this life is a struggle which you and I all of us have been living.

So friends, when we struggle, there are lots of things lots of circumstances and loads of stuff that runs through our mind and to manage those things is a difficult job.

All the different relationships that we have in our lives- to carry on with them is also very important. Being financially stable and having wealth is a big thing in today’s scenario.

Wealth is not everything but it, of course, is something in today’s situations where we have lots of small, small stories in our lives.

But today we are talking about if we had been struggling and struggling for days in our lives, then how can we enjoy this struggle, how can we come out of this struggle and attain peace.

So the first thing that I want to talk about is that our struggle becomes more difficult when we start worrying about our future.

“I have not been doing well today, so with this kind of situation, what will my tomorrow be?”-  You know what TOMORROW will be better for you because however low you sink down with your struggle, however bad days you have lived but remember these words that it will not be worse than that. It will not be worse than this rather everything will be fine now.

And the second thing is we should always keep this in our mind that “This too will end.” This is the “magic words people. Always remember this that THIS WILL END. This moment, this struggle, these circumstances which run before our eyes this will change shortly and it will pass.

Every day is a new day, every morning is new, every evening is a new evening and every night is new. Here everything will always be new. What becomes a memory of our past, should only be remembered to learn a lesson from them, not for any kind of negative impacts of or from it.

So the second this is to remember that “All this will end.”

Now, if we could analyze ourselves that during struggle we have a different attitude and relationship with God. With tension, we ask him why is this happening to me when I have done nothing wrong. And we wrangle over it with him.

If this type of wrangling relationship has developed between God and you then please do it with love because God loves you a lot and I can tell you this that God is enjoying the way you wrangle over him. So appreciate the flaws of this life and accept the way God puts his guidance upon you.

I hope you will appreciate God after reading this…

So the next thing what I always speak of is to be positive and optimistic. Always think of yourself as divine underneathWe can do everything that a person is capable of doing because your soul is the same as any other person’s soul, it’s just that the way we do our work should be improved a little to be capable for it.

So we should always understand that struggle is life and the bad and worst days in our lives is the best situation that we can experience.

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